27th September 2022
A quick update:

I wasn’t able to retrieve my instagram account, of course not… but that’s alright as I started to view my social media presence more professional and finally was able to get some structure in it. For those of you who are following me for some time, you probably know the pictures I post already. I’m sorry if the repetition annoys you, please bear with me for some time. The new instagram profile is still quite vacant and I’m afraid it looks as if I just started out and not got almost a decade of tattooing under my belt, so I’m reposting my favorite works just to fill up my profile a bit quicker and actually give new clients an overview of what I’m going for for my future projects.

Additional I’m traveling more again, so happy that’s possible and fun again. Hopefully I will be having more dates in the south of Germany 2023 and maybe even some guest spots in Austria and Switzerland. Nothing is sure at this point but I will keep you updated as soon as possible. I do hope though that the coming year has much to offer for all of us. I might be even attending conventions again, Goa and Nepal is on my list. Two of my most favorite conventions ever!

Love, Neens

22nd July 2022

My dear and loved Subscribers, Followers and fellow Artists,


as you have hopefully seen on my new instagram profile @neenajay_tattoo I was hacked and I didn’t have access to a few accounts of mine.

After the first shock, anger and fear I was able to regain access to some accounts, where the companies actually had a customer service and gave a shit (thanks Instagram, now I know for sure you suck at everything, even at giving a shit!). All this was a weird experience as I was contacted by several hackers who wanted to hack the hacker and my account back for me. A claimed Meta Employee who offered her services in exchange of 150 USD of course. And I got some sugar daddy inquiries, which was amusing but… what the heck?!? 


What’s wrong with the world… what’s wrong with people… Now I can smirk about it, too early to laugh, but I can give it a good smirk (which is nice enough). Following all this and the lack of support from Instagram and Meta, I have decided to leave social media on a long leash, or let’s say, keep it as far away from me as possible. 


I never thought I would start a blog, but here it is :)

I will keep you updated on this small but beautiful little website and share what moves me and what I’m doing these days.

That’s it for now.


Love, Neens

Illustrator and Designer by passion.

Neena Jay

Growing up between tarot cards, VW buses and rock festivals, I was always on the lookout for the hardest school of life. Whether surfing on Nepalese landslides, beach hopping with Australian kangaroos or rallies with Indian cows, there was only one constant: my enthusiasm for illustration and illustrative body art.


Until I started to learn tattooing in New Delhi in 2014, I had already completed an apprenticeship, two courses of study and countless temporary jobs in the design field. 5 years and 4 filled passports later, I decided to come back to Europe.



These days you can meet me on the road in Germany and the rest of Europe. That means if I'm not diving through the Mariana Trench in search of the sourest sea cucumber ... or fighting an illegal boxing match in Bangkok for the Jackpot of € 2.36 ... or testing the newest bumper dumper with 20 km/h on Bihari Highways.

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